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October 8th, 2015 by Shaver-Robichaux Insurance Services

Do I Need Liability Protection on my Homeowners Insurance Policy?

Do I need liability protection on my homeowners insurance? When shopping for homeowners’ insurance your first thought might be to protect your home and personal possessions from damage, which is very important, but another thing homeowners can consider when finding a adequate homeowners’ insurance policy is to look at the policy’s liability coverage. Maybe you have a tall old oak tree that could be at... Read Article

Top Four Things To Do To Prepare For A House Fire

Chances are you will read or see a report of someone losing their home in a house fire today or tomorrow. In fact according to the National Fire Protection Association, in 2013 there were 369,500 reported house fires, totaling 6.8 billion dollars in reported losses. For many, a fire in their home is the ultimate financial nightmare. To protect your home and property, chances are,... Read Article

How Much Car Insurance Do I Need?

Maybe you are a driver shopping for an auto insurance policy and do not know what exactly to look for or maybe you are sitting at your work desk staring at that car insurance bill wondering if there is any way you can save a few dollars. In either case, the first logical option to lower your car insurance premiums is to raise your deductibles.... Read Article

Hurricane Season

  Today, June 1st is the first day of Hurricane Season.  Are you prepared?  If you are unsure about your insurance coverage please call Shaver-Robichaux for an  “insurance review.”  The consultation is free and it is better to find out now if you don’t have the coverage you think you have.   June 1st, 2015 by Shaver-Robichaux Insurance Services... Read Article

Coverage for Jewelry and Other Valuables

A standard homeowners policy includes coverage for jewelry and other precious items such as watches and furs. These items are covered for losses caused by all the perils included in your policy such as fire, windstorm, theft and vandalism. However, there are special limits of liability for certain items, meaning that the insurer will not pay more than the amount specified in the policy. One... Read Article